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Stuart Court and Garden

County Norfolk   District Council Norwich City Council 
Civil Parish or equivalent Norwich  Town/Village* Norwich - Parks and Gardens 
Road Recorder Road and St Faiths Lane 
Precise Location Recorder Road and St Faiths Lane 
OS Grid Ref TG237086  Postcode NR3 
Previous location(s)  
Setting On Building  Access Public 
Artist/Maker Role Qualifier
Hubert Miller  Sculptor(s)   
Boardman and sons  Architect(s)   

Commissioned by

Ethel and Helen Colman (Stuart Court); Laura Elizabeth Stuart, Stuart gardens 

Design & Constrn period


Date of installing

1915 and 1922 

Exact date of unveiling



Abstract Animal Architectural
Commercial Commemorative Composite
Free Functional Funerary
Heraldic Military Natural
Non-Commemorative Performance Portable
Religious Roadside, Wayside Sculptural
Temporary, Mobile Other  

Object Type

Building Clock Tower Architectural
Coat of Arms Cross Fountain
Landscape Marker Medallion
Mural Panel Readymade
Relief Shaft Sculpture
Statue Street Furniture War Memorial
Other Object Sub Type: Stuart coart of arms

Subject Type

Allegorical Mythological Pictorial
Figurative Non-figurative Portrait
Still-life Symbolic Other

Subject Sub Type

Bust Equestrian Full-length
Group Head Reclining
Seated Standing Torso
Part Material Dimension
Coats of arms on Stuart Court  Stone painted  H. 1.20 W. 85 cms. 
Coats of arms on Stuart Garden  Stone  H. 3 metres W. 6 metres 
Cartouche with entwined initial  Stone  Dia. 1 metre 

Work is

Extant Not Sited Lost


Not known 

Listing status

Grade I Grade II* Grade II Don't Know Not Listed

Surface Condition

Corrosion, Deterioration Accretions
Bird Guano Abrasions, cracks, splits
Biological growth Spalling, crumbling
Metallic staining Previous treatments

Structural Condition

Armature exposed Broken or missing parts
Replaced parts Loose elements
Cracks, splits, breaks, holes Spalling, crumbling
Water collection Other


Graffiti Structural damage Surface Damage

Overall condition

Good Fair Poor


No Known Risk At Risk Immediate
Inscriptions On coats of arms VIRESCIT VULNERE VIRTUS (the motto of Stewart clan: Courage grows at a wound On Stuart Court: These housen were built/ in the yr 1915 in Memory of/JAMES STUART Privy Councillor/born at Balgonie Scotland 1843/Sometime a citizen of NORWICH/ died at Carrow Abbey 1913 THE JAMES STUART GARDEN Cartouche at rear of garden: 1922 and entwined initials JS (James Stuart) and LES (Laura Elizabeth Stuart) THE BUILDING OF THIS GATEWAY WAS/ DELAYED BY THE GREAT WAR. /IT WAS COMPLETED IN 1922 UNDER/ A BEQUEST OF/ ELIZABETH STUART O.B.E/ A MEMBER OF THE NORWICH CITY COUNCIL /AND THE FIRST WOMAN J.P. APPOINTED FOR THE CITY THIS GARDEN IS A GIFT TO THE/ CITY OF NORWICH/ FROM LAURA ELIZABETH STUART/ IN MEMORY OF HER HUSBAND/ JAMES STUART M.A. LL.D /PRIVY COUNCILLOR/ OF CARROW ABBEY NORWICH 

Description (physical)

The decoration is based on the Stuart coat of arms - that of the Stewart clan including the pelican in its piety. On the entrance to the garden it is surrounded by an elegant cartouche and the thistle and rose are displayed on shields a the sides with fruit cascading down the pilasters. 

Description (iconographical)

Stuart Court was built as almshouses - a sign of the charitable concerns of Ethel and Helen Colman which reflected those of their widowed sister Laura Elizabeth Colman and their brother-in-law James Stuart (1843-1913). As a fellow of Trinity College Cambridge James Stuart was ‘aware of the vast masses who desire education’ and arranged extension lectures in Cambridge Oxford and London. Appointed professor of mechanism and applied mechanics in 1875 he resigned in 1889. He married Laura Elizabeth Colman the following year and on the death of his father-in-law Jeremiah James Colman in 1898 he moved to Norwich and took over running Colmans. 


Date taken:  21/5/2006
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Photographed by:
Sarah Cocke

On Site Inspection

Date:  21/5/2006

Inspected by:
Richard Cocke

Sources and References

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Oxford 2004 53 169 BOE I 299 


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