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Manual Ref* NFnrNOR047 Show image 114
Title* Haymarket Chambers
County Norfolk   District Council Norwich City Council 
Civil Parish or equivalent Norwich City Council  Town/Village* Norwich 
Road Haymarket 
Precise Location No. 11 
OS Grid Ref TG230083  Where on earth? Postcode NR2 
Previous location(s)  
Setting On Building  Sub Type (Access) Public 
Artist/Maker Role Qualifier
G.J. Skipper  Architect(s)   

Commissioned by

First occupants were J.H.Roofe grocers, the Norwich Stock Exchange 

Design & Constrn period


Date of installing


Exact date of unveiling



Abstract | Animal | Architectural | Commercial | Commemorative | Composite | Free Standing | Functional | Funerary | Heraldic | Military | Natural | Non Commemorative | Performance | Portable | Religious | Roadside, Wayside | Sculptural | Temporary, Mobile | Other

Object Type

Building | Clock Tower | Architectural | Coat of Arms | Cross | Fountain | Landscape | Marker | Medallion | Mural | Panel | Readymade | Relief | Shaft | Sculpture | Statue | Street Furniture | War Memorial | Other

Object Sub Type

Architectural ornament 

Subject Type

Allegorical | Mythological | Pictorial | Figurative | Non-figurative | Portrait | Still-life | Symbolic | Other

Subject Sub Type

Bust | Equestrian | Full-length | Group | Head | Reclining | Seated | Standing | Torso
Part Material Dimension
Curved pediments  Terracotta  H. 75 cms W 450 cms 
Diamond shapes with sailing boats  Painted brick  H&W 50 by 50 cms 
Lamb Inn  Painted brick  H. 50 cms W. 140 cms 

Work is



Pret a Manger 

Listing status

Not Listed 

Surface Condition

Corrosion, Deterioration | Accretions | Bird Guano | Abrasions, cracks, splits | Biological growth | Spalling, crumbling | Metallic staining | Previous treatments | Other



Structural Condition

Armature exposed | Broken or missing parts | Replaced parts | Loose elements | Cracks, splits, breaks, holes | Spalling, crumbling | Water collection | Other




Graffiti | Structural damage | Surface Damage



Overall condition



No Known Risk 
Inscriptions The building is dated 1902 Above doorway to right notice of alleyway: Lamb Inn 

Description (physical)

This is one of Skipper’s finest building, built as a shop on the ground floor with commercial chambers above. The façade curves slightly to follow the line of the road with towers in red brick with yellow banding at either end. The towers are decorated with diamond lozenges of sailing ships in full sail. The red, offset by yellow banding, is continued on the first floor where three ornamental windows with broken pediments frame semi-circular rusticated pediments with enlarged keystones and terracotta panels set around the circular windows, with thin ‘grotesque’ creatures with fierce heads curl over the base of the pediment, their backs to the curved windows, as they frame palm trees.  

Description (iconographical)

The grotesque animals are leafy variations on the griffin headed arabesques which flank the heraldry on the doorway of Blickling Hall. Here the palm trees could allude both to the range of produce available from Roofe's the grocers and to the possibilities open to the investors in the Stock exchange sited above the shop. The ships in full sail are a long established emblem of good fortune -again appropriate for the investors on the local stock exchange. 


Date taken:  5/3/2006
Date logged: 

Photographed by:  Sarah Cocke

On Site Inspection

Date:  5/3/2006

Inspected by:  Richard Cocke

Sources and References

Kelly’s, Directory of Norfolk, London, 1904, p. 310; Jolley David, Introduction to Architect Exuberant George Skipper 1856-1948, Exhibition at the Norwich School of Art. November-December 1975, 17; Knights, Anthony, George, John Skipper 1856-1948. Architectural Chameleon, M.A dissertation U.E.A, 1999, 46 and 92 


Date entered:  26/7/2006

Data inputter:  Richard Cocke